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Our team has a deep knowledge of marketing at all levels, as well as extensive experience in the construction industry.  We have developed 2,560,000 of leads that directly resulted in $356 million of revenue over the last 5 years.  Regardless of what type of construction your company does, we know how to attract the right clients.  Our goal for your company is when a client thinks about your industry, they think of your company as the only contractor to work with.  DCS will put you in position to negotiate directly with clients instead of just being the low bidder.  We have a proven system to increase your market presence, lead generation, bid / proposal development and your closing ratios.


DCS takes the guess work and mystery out of lead generation, marketing, SEO and revenue generation. In order to drive leads, a customized package will be developed for you, to increase lead conversion, convert your bids and proposals to real revenue.  Using proven methods that guaranteed results, we help you achieve your top and bottom line revenue goals.  We work within your budget to maximize your advertising results and show your ROI on an ongoing basis.


DCS will only work with one contractor type in each market.

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“I would highly recommend the Digital Contractor Services and Advertising! From the moment I talked to them the first time to discuss possibilities, to the last handshake, we knew we were dealing with competent people. Any questions we had were quickly resolved. It was a great experience with Digital Contractor Services and Advertising.”

Robert Williams, Electrician

“Digital Contractor Services and Advertising was a really good experience. They were extremely responsive to my questions and made everything so easy. I can’t express how stress free and easy the process was to set up. Thanks to the guys at Digital Contractor Services and Advertising, I have more business than ever!”

James Lawrence, Plumber

“I am very pleased with Digital Contractor Services and Advertising, they help to make everything much easier! Any questions and concerns I had were dealt with in a timely manner. The process was so easy to set up and stress free, I would not hesitate to recommend them in the future. I am very pleased with their work.”

Maggie Write, Construction Manager

“I would like to thank you again for the hard work you and your team have put into the successful completion of my account. They have a very good attitude and it deserves to be recognized. Whenever I need something done, I pick up the phone and they take care of it. I recommend it.

Thomas Moore, Carpenter

“When I first signed up, I’d get two notices a week. Now I get at least five emails a day! I’d like to convince other contractors to sign up. You have an incredible product. The more the network grows, the better off everyone is. Thanks to the team at Digital Contractor Services and Advertising for generating more business!

Marie Hernandez, Building Inspector